I’ve thought a long time about starting a blog, but I never really thought I had much to say, but I figure that there are a TON of blogs out there that have less important and interesting things to talk about. I guess we’ll see how this goes together.

I am a husband to an incredible wife, and a dad to three crazy boys and two dogs. This blog will be mostly about dealing with life as a dad those three boys who, as I start this blog, range in age from 5-7.

All three boys present different challenges. From the oldest who is ADHD and Austistic, to the youngest who is, though we have not had him tested, quite possibly, in the genius range for IQ.

Another unique challenge I face is that I am not the biological father to any of the three, and none of them are related by “blood”. The oldest two (only 7 1/2 months apart in age) were adopted from the foster care system by me and my first wife, while the youngest one is my step-son from my wife’s first marriarge.

This blog will attempt to show that, despite the conucopia, plethora, and potpouri of challenges I face on a daily basis, I am truly one of the luckiest guys on the face of the Earth.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Blogger! Strangely enough it feels as though we have met in passing – even though we haven’t. I guess you already know that I too have three boys, unrelated by blood, yet brothers in every sense. With also having one on the spectrum too, I’d say it’s a fairly unusual situation, so I feel a weird kind of bond with you and Sara and your boys. Nice to meet you! Rose

    • Hello Rose! Sara has told me so much about you and your blog, I agree that it feels like we know each other already. I love reading your blog, especially this past month focusing on Autism Awareness Month. Thank you for following!

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